What others have to say about me 


"I'm so pleased that lovely Samantha King is now offering her services as a Postnatal Doula. I did my Doula course with her! She was a joy to learn with, I felt comfortable and at ease around Sam! Families around Southampton are so super lucky to have her! I would absolutely recommend Sam!!"


"When I had my Son 4 years ago, Sam was a God send! I could contact her with any worries and if I needed support. I decided to bottle feed my Son, as I was so nervous about breastfeeding. As and when I decide to have another baby, I will certainly be hiring Sam for her Doula services. After speaking to her about breastfeeding support, I genuinely feel more at ease about opting to breastfeed next time, so thank you"


I had my first son nearly 4 years ago and chose to breastfeed. Sam came to see us on the ward to check we were doing okay, the reassuring smile was very much welcome. After a week or so of being home, my son started being sick after feeding from one side - instantly I contacted Sam for support. She provided me with a comprehensive response over the phone and tips to try, with the offer that she would come to my home if needed. I changed the hold I was using, as suggested, and it instantly stopped the sickness as my son could deal with the flow better. That support ensured I continued my breastfeeding journey for the next four months. My next son is due in July, and I know who I will be contacting if I need support."


I first had the assistance of Sam 6 years ago, after the birth of my first baby. She was on hand with a listening ear, useful and non judgemental support and suggestions, and most importantly, scientific evidence, and a real knowledge of what she was talking about. She really put me at ease and I was able to make my own informed decisions from her support. She enabled me to listen to my mama bear instincts!! More recently, I had a second baby. Within hours of birth, I had her support over the phone as I had a very sleepy mucousy baby who took a very long time to want to feed. With some helpful tips, by the end of the night I had a baby who could feed effectively and was, from then, attached to my breast!! Within days, Sam arrived at my house with a bag full of scrummy, healthy, nutritious snacks and some lovely little bits to help me heal after birth. If you want someone who will: listen, give you all the options, not give you opinion but fact, make you feel comfortable, make you feel important and empowered within the bubble that is a newborn, Sam is most definitely your lady!! Her smile and laugh are infectious and she's just a beautiful soul who wants to help and has a passion for the woman (you!) after birth. (She's also SO good at giving your baby cuddles. Both my babies have loved her!!) 


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