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After feeling totally overwhelmed with the amount of information available to first time mums surrounding breastfeeding, I was relieved to find a grounding and compassionate ear in Sam and 'Beside You Beyond Birth.' Due to Covid restrictions, Sam kindly tailored her antenatal breastfeeding preparation session to be over Zoom. Sam is so personable that before I knew it, we'd been chatting for two hours! Within that time, Sam had given me space to air my worries, validated them all, and simultaneously managed to debunk all the breastfeeding myths I'd gotten myself tangled up in; calmly and kindly bringing me back to my instincts. She completely removed the pressure that I think is so often looming for new mothers and reassured me that I was capable and to trust my intuition. I left the session feeling excited about the journey ahead and confident in my own understanding of what I needed to do. I have been fortunate to have follow up support from Sam who is always the most encouraging and person-led practitioner. She hugely transformed my breastfeeding journey and I'm now six weeks postpartum with a healthy baby girl who's thriving on my breast milk alone. I can't recommend her enough!

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Helene & James

Thank you so much for your gentle guidance and support to us all during this new chapter of our lives.

We couldn't have wished for a better doula.

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I don't usually leave reviews, but I am really happy I met Sam.

I told my midwife my concern about being alone after birth with no help from my mum or friends, so she suggested me to ring Sam as a postnatal doula. She visited me after birth and helped me feeling a confident mum, answered all my questions and told me some little tricks... and then I did the rest alone. She took me some delicious food too, that really cheered me up. Thank you Sam. 

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I first had the assistance of Sam 6 years ago, after the birth of my first baby. She was on hand with a listening ear, useful and non judgemental support and suggestions, and most importantly, scientific evidence, and a real knowledge of what she was talking about. She really put me at ease and I was able to make my own informed decisions from her support. She enabled me to listen to my mama bear instincts!! More recently, I had a second baby. Within hours of birth, I had her support over the phone as I had a very sleepy mucousy baby who took a very long time to want to feed. With some helpful tips, by the end of the night I had a baby who could feed effectively and was, from then, attached to my breast!! Within days, Sam arrived at my house with a bag full of scrummy, healthy, nutritious snacks and some lovely little bits to help me heal after birth. If you want someone who will: listen, give you all the options, not give you opinion but fact, make you feel comfortable, make you feel important and empowered within the bubble that is a newborn, Sam is most definitely your lady!! Her smile and laugh are infectious and she's just a beautiful soul who wants to help and has a passion for the woman (you!) after birth. (She's also SO good at giving your baby cuddles. Both my babies have loved her!!) 

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When I had my Son 4 years ago, Sam was a God send! I could contact her with any worries and if I needed support. I decided to bottle feed my Son, as I was so nervous about breastfeeding. As and when I decide to have another baby, I will certainly be hiring Sam for her Doula services. After speaking to her about breastfeeding support, I genuinely feel more at ease about opting to breastfeed next time, so thank you

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I had my first son nearly 4 years ago and chose to breastfeed. Sam came to see us on the ward to check we were doing okay, the reassuring smile was very much welcome. After a week or so of being home, my son started being sick after feeding from one side - instantly I contacted Sam for support. She provided me with a comprehensive response over the phone and tips to try, with the offer that she would come to my home if needed. I changed the hold I was using, as suggested, and it instantly stopped the sickness as my son could deal with the flow better. That support ensured I continued my breastfeeding journey for the next four months. My next son is due in July, and I know who I will be contacting if I need support."

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I'm so pleased that lovely Samantha King is now offering her services as a Postnatal Doula. I did my Doula course with her! She was a joy to learn with, I felt comfortable and at ease around Sam! Families around Southampton are so super lucky to have her! I would absolutely recommend Sam!!